In a year 2000 in a city of Zagreb (Croatia) four people with very different musical paths crossed their ways and formed a band called Nasabo. The initiator of the band was Neno Marcic and the other three members were Ana, Boban and Sascha. Thus the already fruitful collaboration between Neno, Sascha and Boban was supplemented with a female vocalist Ana. That colorful quartet already had a vast experience and concrete musical accomplishments between each one of them. Their various paths and aspirations only Nasabo could successfully unify and that’s one of the significant characteristics of this band which always seems to fascinate.

Ana Babic, the vocalist, started to develop musically in various choirs where her enthusiasm and talent doesn’t stay unnoticed for a long time. In year 1998 she starts to attend French chanson musical evenings in Zadar, Zagreb and Split.

The most significant was International festival in Split 2003 where she wins a first place and a prize from French television TV5 among many participants from different European countries. In her musical upbringing the main role had the influence of jazz, soul and funk. With her interpretation and pleasant color of voice she endeavors to directly enrich electronic sound which nicely complements the entire listening experience.

For big influence of electronic music we can mainly give credit to Neno who starts experimenting with computer music in 1990 and discovers the new possibilities of musical expression. He begins to work on his own songs and after a while he gathers a few fellow musicians and hey form various electronic bands. His first appearance in public was under the name of Archaster at first Croatian house/techno festival at Rabac in 1996 where he left a good impression.After that he appears at many gigs as a DJ under the name of Arc Jay.He establishes the label called “MindVision Records” with which he attends Winter Music Conference in Miami in spring of 2003 as a first Croatian representative who participated at such a huge and important festival.

Boban Lakic starts his musical career in high-school when he founded alternative band “The Stomac” where he played bass guitar. Through experimenting with sound in alternative directions Boban founds new ways of playing a bass with a distinct funk influence. After some time he makes contact with electronic music which he tries to color and form around his funky bass. That’s when collaboration with Neno starts from which some new projects worth of notice will arise, such as 2funk.

Sascha (Aleksandar Vuckovic) starts playing music in 1987. with his first band when he makes music under influence of new edge and ghotic rock. He experiments with rock, harmo-rock and jazz as he makes solo concerts and attends various festivals around Croatia. First contacts with electronic music he makes thru collaboration with Neno on an unpublished material “Autumn touch”, a distinctive combination of trip-hop and drum & bass. After that his horizons widen and give final course in his future musical expression. Sascha with his Fender Rhodes finds his musical sanctuary in a fantastic quartet Nasabo making music on a trace of jazz and funk encompassed with Neno’s modern production.
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